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Welcome to Oslo Fight Center, Norway's most competent martial arts center! We offer some of the highest level and most experienced instructors in Krav Maga, muay thai, boxing, BJJ and submission wrestling. We have a very nice training community.

We offer a great variety suitable for all - experienced and inexperienced. We have many international students so we are used to teaching in English.


Beginners and more advanced practitioners all have lots possibilities in all martial arts and self-defense classes. We have classes almost every day of the week. Have a look at the training schedule.

We offer martial arts and self-defense for children and adults.

Bonus options for you

Included in your membership is weight training and all classes offered at Oslo Fight Center: Krav Maga, Muay thai, boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / BJJ and submission wrestling. These classes are led by some of Norway's most experienced and professional instructors; World Champions and highly skilled athletes!

Weight lifting equipment, kettlebells, punching bags etc. are always available when the center is open. Some of our instructors are certified Crossfit and kettlebell instructors or personal trainers (PT) and are helpful if you need instructions or a training programme. In addition we have an option for access almost "24-7" if you wish to train in the mornings/during the day.


- Regular classes, 2x per week (5x if you wish!):
Very flexible schedule, choose between four days: training schedule.

- Weekend training/open mat: "Åpen matte": training schedule.

- Training seminars

- Free weight training, kettlebells, suspension exercises 7x per week:

At all times within the center's opening hours. Some of our instructors are certified Crossfit and kettlebell instructors and even Personal Trainer (PT) and we are happy to make a personalized training programme. Just ask us!

Krav Maga - realistic selv defence training

- protect yourself and others
- effective training
- new friends in a sociable and nice setting
- personal growth
- always new challenges, always something new to learn!
- suitable for all

Instinctive reactions

Krav Maga is a self defence system that builds upon your natural and instinctive reactions in a self defence situation. Krav Maga is effective, realistic and easy to learn!Self defence training is fun and suitable for all, whatever level or shape you are in. You will get good physical training while you develop your self defence skills and mental mindset.



We offer different prices based on 6 months or 12 month contract, student/regular/Police or army. Bonus options for «24-7» access via a mobile app, a personal locker etc., so check out or full price range via the link below.

Students and instructors who train Krav Maga, are also members of Krav Maga Global (KMG). Annual fee: 250 NOK. First year 450 NOK, and gives you discounts, free guest training all over the world and more. Ask us for more info!



Required equipment you can easily buy through our reception: Mouthguard, groin protection (also for women), Krav Maga t-shirt and boxing gloves + shin guards. Total: around 1500 NOK, which is a good price for starting an entirely new activity. We also supply training shorts and pants. Have a look at our webshop: Oslo Fight Center Webshop.

Quality guaranteed: KMG (Krav Maga Global)

Krav Maga Global is the world's biggest and leading Krav Maga organisation. Be careful not to associate KMG with local clubs that call their training "Krav Maga". Krav Maga Global (KMG) has a professional and internationally standardised teaching programme, and teaches civilians, military and law enforcement sectors all over the world.

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